Congratulations to the Resident Paper Award Winners!

  GNS Spring Meeting GNS Fall Meeting
2019 Sarah Newman  
2018 Shoeb Lallani Nathan Todnem, MD
2017 James Malcolm, MD, PhD Jeremy Wetzel, MD
2016 Brian Howard, MD Jay McCracken, MD
2015 Michael Moore, MD Griffin Baum, MD
2014 Jay McCracken, MD Griffin Baum, MD
2013 Matthew Gary, MD Eric Snibnick, MD
2012 Douglas Hughes, MD Jonathan Riley, MD
2011 June Yowtak Jonathan Riley, MD
2010 Vladimir Dadashev, MD Patrick Youssef, MD
2009 Carrie Muh, MD Carrie Muh, MD
2008 Vaninder S. Chhabra, MD Bethwel Raore, MD
2007 Vaninder S. Chhabra, MD Vaninder S. Chhabra, MD
2006 Darleen A. Lobel, MD Luis Tumialan, MD
2005 Scott Y. Rahimi, MD Luis Tumialan, MD
2004 Darlene Lobel, MD Luis Tumialan, MD
2003 Y. Jonathan Zhang, MD Darlene Lobel, MD
2002 Samuel Macomson, MD Y. Jonathan Zhang, MD
2001 David Yeh, MD Cheng Tao, MD
2000 Dan Suh, MD Dan Suh, MD